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www.hongnhan.com; www.hongnhan.com.vn; www.hongnhan.net; www.hongnhan.vn are the website electronic-commerce  were managed by Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Co., Ltd, allowing the customers can create an account and shopping online on the website. Register for being a member and using the service at Hong Nhan website that mean the customer agreed to the following terms:

  • When registering an account, the customer must be enter complete the mandatory personal information (mandatory information are usually marked *) as Email, Name, Phone Number, contacts, .... All declared information have to ensure the accuracy and legality so that Hong Nhan serve customer the best way. We do not accept any liability that relation to the law of the declared information. The use and confidentiality of account information is the responsibility and intersets of the customer when using Website of Hong Nhan. Customers are responsible for the customer's preservation account password, if the password revealed in any form, Hong Nhan will not be responsible for any loss arised
  • Absolutely do not use any programs, tools or any other intervention into the system or change the data structure of Hong Nhan website. In case of violation, we will go to law agencies to handle follow Information Technology Law.
  • Absolutely prohibit any behaviour forged an admin of website www.hongnhan.com; www.hongnhan.com.vn; www.hongnhan.net; www.hongnhan.vn
  • Hong Nhan has the right to control all the comments, ideas from customers in order to limit those bad contents that improper purposes of comment.
  • Do not use a bogus account to order as: Name, Phone Number, address are forged,... If Hong Nhan detected any customer using account with forge information to order goods, we have the right to cancel this account. If the customer has still intentionally violated, disturbing on the website, Hong Nhan will conduct an investigation and sue the customer in court, the customer must take all responsibility for the loss caused to us.
  • Any time the customer can also access and edit customer's personal information in accordance with website link that we provide
  • We have the right to change, modify, add or remove contents in this website at any time without prior notice. When the customer uses the services of our website after changes that mean the customer agreed with these changes.

If the customer violate the above terms, Hong Nhan may prohibit access with the time limit or indefinitely on our website.